"We are bound in making a difference today and for generations to come through youth actions." 

YADPH encourages young people to take action to build a better nation by improving Filipino youth through education, research, community involvement, national visibility, volunteerism, and the cooperation of youths across the Philippines.


Youth Action for Development PH (YADPH) empowers every Filipino youth leader to take action to the different societal dilemmas through volunteer action-based initiatives and outreach programs centered on diverse advocacies for the country's development.


Youth Action for Development PH (YADPH) envisions continuing the passion of volunteers who encourage others to take and work for social change for the development of society and further devise action-based strategies through major initiatives that are important to the needs of the times to accomplish this objective.


Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Respect, and Creativity 

How are we going to take action?

Sustainable Projects  

It is our commitment to ensure that all of our projects for the next generation are both successful and sustainable.


We collaborate nationally with organizations, private enterprises, and schools. this is our key to building a country.


In order to ensure that every centime of your contribution is used, we promote transparency in managing funds used in our projects.

YADPH - Story of Youth Action

It is a well-known fact that the youth of any country is a great asset. In fact, they are the country's future and they represent it at all levels. The role of youth is more critical than you might think in national building. In other words, young people's intellect and education will drive the country towards prosperity.

"The Strength of Youth Action. The Power of Community."


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